A brilliant first! Finally, a hair dryer that doesn't just dry hair. Activated Oxygen increases the efficiency of antioxidant enzymes to help prevent damage and oxidation. This revolutionary technology protects hair color from fading, brightens hair and improves the health of the scalp.


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Activated Oxygen conditions and improves the health of the hair while dramatically decreasing drying time. It also reduces frizz and detangles to leave hair smoother and silkier.

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The only hair dryer in the world that incorporates Active Oxygen and Nano Silver technology to help hair color last longer, prevent premature oxidation and fading, and enhance hair's condition, brightness and shine.

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Anti-microbial technology helps reduce frizz, remove odors and disinfect the hair.

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  • I love the feel and performance of all the Gamma+ Italia dryers, especially the Active Oxygen, an industry first. It dries the hair fast and leaves it with an incredible shine. With prolonged use it protects hair color and leaves color more vibrant.

    Louise Rusk Co-Founder of Rusk Haircare, Salon Director of Green Tangerine Spa & Salon in Boston
  • These Gamma + Italia dryers are really good. When I first used the Gamma+ Active Oxygen my client immediately asked if I was using a new dryer, she said this is the first time she is not feeling uncomfortable heat on her scalp. It dried the hair faster than usual leaving it with a richer finish. The biggest problem with hair color is fading, and I’ve observed that with repeated use of this dryer hair color fades less and shine remains.

    GERARD CARUSOCreative Director at Z.One Concept and owner of Dazzles Salon



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Includes 2 snap-in extra thin nozzles that easily rotate, 9-foot professional-length, tangle-free cord, 3 heat and 2 speed settings, cold shot button to set styles and a 2-year limited warranty.


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