Cosmetologist Crossover to Barbering Class:

Our Cosmetologist Crossover to Barbering Class is designed to help you expand your skill set and confidently make the transition to barbering.We understand that you already have a strong foundation in shear cutting and styling, so our class will focus on a segmented five-phase approach that builds upon that foundation. We'll start by teaching you how to properly set up each tool for success and select the right tool at the right time. From there, we'll share industry secrets on how to use your clippers, trimmers, and shavers to achieve consistent and satisfying cuts.

Our goal is to help you overcome any fears or intimidation you may have about cutting hair too short or removing lines. By the end of our program, you will have the confidence to crossover from cosmetology to barbering with ease. We will provide you with the tools and knowledge to grow your barbering skill set and help expand your career oppotunities.

6 Phases Advanced Cutting Class:

Our 6 Phases Advanced Cutting Class is specifically designed for experienced barbers and cosmetologists who already have a strong understanding of fading and clipper cutting. Using mannequins, we'll guide you through a departmentalized approach that breaks down the cutting process into six distinct phases.

By the end of the class, you'll earn your advanced cutting certificate and gain valuable insights into the biggest struggles that professionals in our industry face. We'll cover topics such as removing harsh skin lines, tips for creating clean and precise edge-ups, and developing a system that brings satisfaction to your clients and consistency to your services. Our goal is to provide you with the tools andtechniques you need to take your cutting skills to the next level and deliver exceptional results to your clients.

Clipper Over Comb Class:

Are you frustrated with how long it takes you to achieve a fade? Do you feel like other barbers around you are producing exceptional work at a much faster pace? If so, our hands-on class is here to help. Using mannequins, we will take you through a ground-up approach to achieving the perfect fade. Our technique goes beyond just using guards and focuses on removing bulk, following the contour of the head, and blending from skin into long hair.

In our Gamma+/StyleCraft clipper-over-comb class, we'll break down everything from how to hold the comb, to rolling and resetting it, to building consistency with anchor points and more. Our goal is to teach you the skills you need to achieve a flawless fade every time, at a pace that works for you.

Sales Force Training Class:

At our company, we firmly believe that comprehensive product knowledge is key to giving your sales force a competitive edge. Understanding both your own products and those of your competitors is essential to understanding why certain products sell well while others do not. Our classes are specifically designed to identify the common struggles of cosmetologists and barbers, and to provide effective solutions to those challenges. Many professionals in our industry stick to the same tools out of habit or a lack of education about better alternatives. We aim to change that by offering fun and interactive hands-on training sessions.

Using mannequins, we'll put your sales force in the driver's seat and allow them to make a lasting connection with our tools. By seeing, feeling, and using the products themselves, your team will gain a higher understanding of what their clients go through and be better equipped to make recommendations in the field. Our training will cover a catered list of tools (depending on what you carry), and we'll teach your team about each feature that makes our products stand out. We will also compare our tools to other products in the industry, so that your sales force can understand how our tools stand out from the others.



Eric Tolento - @et.thebarber

Eric Tolento, better known as "ET the Barber" online. My journey with hair started at the age of 17, cutting in the garage with no clients and 1 clipper. Over the years, I practiced strict personal development, endless traveling to hair shows , and higher education seminars from the industry’s leaders in order to attain the tools, tips and tricks I now embody. Combining my business knowledge, with the years of barbering, and personal development, I was able to build a brand and the online presence you see today. I’m a multiple award winning barber in various categories and was recently nominated for Portland's BEST hair stylist. I now host barbering seminars, judge competitions, and am the Co- Founder of a beauty line (Nature's Feel). My clientele include athletes such as the NBA's 1st overall pick, Zion, MVP Giannis, and my very own, Dame Lillard.( I’m a huge blazers fan!) Im also a huge family man. Sibling to 4 sisters, loving parents, and a circle that keeps me hungry for success. Lastly, I have 2 beautiful daughters, an amazing wife , and 1 wild dog. Aside from hair, I enjoy golfing, paddle-boarding, and eating good food when I travel!

Javar Pastrano - @varthebarber

Meet Javar Pastrano, a skilled barber hailing from Arkansas by way of the quaint town of Rock Hall, Maryland. With humble beginnings in a local Delaware barbershop, Javar’s talent for crafting immaculate haircuts and his genuine passion for the craft soon caught the attention of clients beyond his small community. Over the course of 15 years, Javar honed his skills and built a reputation as a go-to barber for professional athletes. His exceptional attention to detail and ability to understand each client's unique style catapulted him into the spotlight, attracting top-tier clients from the NBA, NFL, and various other professional sports leagues.Driven by his passion for elevating the barbering industry, Javar has taken on a new role as an educator. Recognizing the need to share his knowledge and experiences, he now travels across the nation, conducting workshops and seminars to inspire and train aspiring barbers. Through his educational endeavors, Javar aims to empower the next generation of barbers to embrace their creativity, push boundaries, and exceed expectations.

Danni Avillas - @dannistylez

Award winning Educator "Barber Grammy Educator of the year" I like to share my hair cutting knowledgement, finding a simple way to do it. That's my mission on my Youtube channel and other social media platforms. I like not only teaching to cut hair, I love to provide valuable advice to the barbering community, especially the people that are just starting in the trade.

Yolanda Williams - @thebarberqueeney

Meet Queeney, a skilled and passionate traveling barber with a love for all things hair. In addition to working with traditional barbershops, Queeney has a special talent for bringing the barbershop experience to clients in the comfort of their own homes, events, and even film and movie productions. When Queeney isn’t behind the chair, you can find her exploring new cities and cultures, always on the lookout for inspiration, new techniques and great environments to showcase to the barber world and the people in it.

Been in the game for 10 years now. Barbering was the riskiest yet most rewarding decision of my life! Started cutting for free and now I don’t have to work another day in my life.

Jose Herrera - @jaybarber1010

My name is Jose Herrera. I started cutting hair when I was 13 years old. Thanks to God, my skills, and social media, I’ve had to the opportunity to cut celebrities hair including professional athletes and artists. My family is my motivation and my why. I’m blessed to be part of this team!

Raphel Stevens - @taylorcutz1

The Fade Maestro. An all-natural barber, he's an industry leader and content creator, perfecting fades with his trusty clippers. Tailoring each cut to complement his clients' natural face shape, he creates high-end experiences in a private, safe haven. With integrity and humility, he inspires a community to embrace authenticity while pushing boundaries. 25 years of mastery, all fueled by the laughter and dialogue shared with clients and fans. Now, he's sharing his purpose with the world, empowering others to master their skills too.

Jacob Joseph - @jjay_beardedbarber

What’s up SC Squad, my name is Jacob Joseph. I go my @jjay_beardedbarber on social media. I am a barber specialized in beards and fades in Turlock, CA at the Barber Lounge!

Loriel Escalera - @lorieldabarbher

My name is Loriel Escalera. I’m a master barber and content creator from Buffalo, New York. My daily goal is to inspire and motivate all ages of life with my passion of barbering through social media.

Eddie Murawski -@uptownbarbershopnaples

The owner of Uptown Barbershop in Naples, FL with over 20 years experience, 10 of those years as a barber/cosmetology instructor and founder of the Youtube Barber Academy with over 130,000 followers.

Jose Tapia Perez  - @jaytee_thebarber

Jaytee is an entrepreneur and prestigous Barbershop owner and with 15 barbers. Jaytee's versatility has won him 24 awards in competition against some of the best barbers in the world. He is an international platform educator always eager to mix his artistic abilities with fundamentals. Having acclaimed notoriety throughout the world from Social Media and various news channels.

John Carlo - @johncarlo_newyork

John Carlo, a native New Yorker, has been working in the hair industry for more than two decades. He started as a hairstylist and later shifted his focus to men's grooming and barbering, where he discovered his true passion. With fluency in both English and Spanish, John has conducted classes in 48 states and over 14 countries. In addition to his excellent barbering nd teaching skills , he also possesses excellent business acumen. He has successfully launched and manages eight salons and barber shops and his own exclusive line of men's hair care products called John Carlo New York.

Jesse Fonseca - @jesse.elite87

JesseElite is professional barber located in Chicago, IL. An entrepreneur and innovator in the industry. He launched to fame with his much talked about semi-permanent dye. After two long years of hard work JesseElite launched his product line. His focus was different, he wanted to create his own enhancement dye. He started by developing a matte finish semi-permanent dye with his team of experts. This process was long but worth it. He wanted this product to last longer than the usual not using any harsh chemicals and this was finally accomplished. It has been featured on The Insider, WGN, and BarberEVO Magazine. His focus is to keep creating products that are both effective and reliable. He is currently working on launching a new wave of products. We hope you enjoy any purchase made and stay tuned for any future promotions and innovations.

Barry B - @thestarsbarber

Barry B aka TheStarsBarber in one of Dallas’s most sought after A List Barber/ Groomer... Barber to many NBA stars , such as Seth Curry , Steph Curry , Tobias Harris , Wesley Matthews, Micheal Porter , Tristan Thompson, and 50 Cent . His work can be seen regularly on ESPN , TNT , NBA TV , and various major magazine publications. He is know for his precise eye to detail. And with over 20 yrs of experience in the industry, he has seen the industry grow into exciting Barber culture that exists today . Barry is also an Educator for Gamma Plus , Content Creator, Brand Ambassador currently with Gillette/ Ketchum PR , Hair Ilusion LLC , and Gamma / Stylecraft Clippers .

Moises Marcia - @Mo_Cutz

Moises Marcia, also known as @Mo_Cutz, has established himself as a prominent figure in the barbering world. With his motto "Let your clippers do the talkin," he has achieved significant success, winning multiple barber battle competitions, including the prestigious "Best in Fade" at Premiere Orlando in '22. His exceptional skills and talent led to his nomination for Behind the Chair's #1Shot Award.  Moises recently joined StyleCraft & Gamma's newly formed educational team, where he shares his expertise and teaches his craft to others. This opportunity allows him to mentor aspiring barbers and make a positive impact in their lives. Alongside his remarkable barbering skills, Moises is also bilingual in Spanish, which further enhances his ability to connect with a diverse range of clients and students.

Meet @JoelYourBarber, a seasoned barber with over 20 years of experience, making waves in the grooming industry. From owning the successful All Star Barber, Inc. since 2008 to co-founding Barberbond Premium Unisex full-body shave serum, Joel has been a driving force in men’s grooming. With a passion that began as a young teen, Joel has simplified the art of men’s grooming, becoming an integral contributor to the evolution of Gamma+ / STYLECRAFT’s product development initiatives. His dedication and love for the tools of the trade have paved the way for innovative products and exceptional barbershop experiences.

Chad Volkers - @chad_m_volkers

Clipper head! Began my Journey in barbering serving the U.S. Navy when my grandmother gave me a pair of clippers. It wasn’t until later on I would pursue this as my full time career and I want to inspire other people who have this in their heart and let them know its never to late to follow your passion. I have had the pleasure to appear on the YouTube Barber Academy with Eddie and have been testing many of the Stylecraft/Gamma Products from prototype to final concept for years. Super happy to be part of the education team and when I’m not serving up that hot sauce behind the chair I’m probably fixing, adjusting and tinkering with clippers and trimmers.

Cory Hull - @thehellrazor

Has been a licensed barber for eight years and prior to that I served in the US Army as a Cavalry Scout with multiple tours to Iraq. I specialize in Men’s Traditional Barbering, I’m from Northern California, I’m married and have 3 beautiful daughters.

Tariq Nevar - @thetariqnevar

Tariq Nevar, an Emmy-nominated barber and alum of Syracuse University, has been celebrated for his outstanding contributions to the Men's Grooming Industry. Renowned for his work on Netflix's "Stranger Things," he's also collaborated with elite brands like Nike and Dior, and showcased his skills in films such as "Barbershop: The Next Cut." As the son of the late Cosmetology Legend Heather Roxanne Ferguson, Tariq continues her legacy as a Platform Artist, Educator, and product designer at Stylecraft/Gamma+. Additionally, he's an early investor and advisor for Squire, a leading shop management software.

Herbert Shells - @mr.outliner

Raised in Houston, Tx, Mr.outliner has over 23 years of experience in men’s grooming and is a master barber! Specializing in all cuts, beards, and line ups. Also Mr. Outliner is the owner of two barber shops! You can find him on YouTube also with 50k subscribers! He is also know for I do this in my sleep!

Jesse Crouse - @jesseatxbarber

Raised in Houston, Tx, Mr.outliner has over 23 years of experience in men’s grooming and is a master barber! Specializing in all cuts, beards, and line ups. Also Mr. Outliner is the owner of two barber shops! You can find him on YouTube also with 50k subscribers! He is also know for I do this in my sleep!