The Xcell dryer changes everything - the world’s first truly professional
high-tech hair dryer features 30% more air pressure
than other dryers in its class with intelligent heat control
to prevent damaging hair. Acoustic noise optimization reduces
decibel level with a softer and gentler pitch. Ultra lightweight design
is only 10.4 oz – making the Xcell is the ultimate drying machine.

Scientifically calibrated design for the perfect
balance and comfort. Half the size of
conventional dryers, weighing just 10.37 oz.

Energy efficient with enhanced performance, the long-life digital brushless motor operates
at 110,000 rpm generating extreme air pressure with low energy consumption

Whisper quiet with improved pitch
and tone for enhanced acoustic
noise reduction.

Provides more shine with
less frizz and a softer finish.
1 year warranty included.

Featuring a hanging hoop and
reinforced strain relief engineered
for increased flexibility and
durability of the professional
9-foot cord

Autonomous cleaning technology
reverses airflow for effortless deep
filter cleaning and maintenance


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