Professional Hair Dryer Nozzle Comb Attachment


• Fits Active Oxygen, Ion Ceramic S, 3500 and 5555 dryers

• 32 teeth

• Anti-heat silicone sleeve

• Made of flexible material

• Heat-resistant




We’re here to make sure you’ll never have to worry about the hair pik falling off your dryer. Designed to fit most hair dryers, our hair dryer comb attachment has a universal grip that keeps it tightly attached to the end of your blowers.


Our unbreakable dryer pik attachment also spares you the headache of cheap comb teeth that snap easily. Made of heavy-duty nylon, it can style even the coarsest of hairs. Count on our pik to last for many years of drop dead gorgeous hairstyles.


High temperatures boost its effectiveness, allowing you to cut down the time it takes for you to finish styling your hair. Get smooth and voluminous hair in a jiffy! Head out the door looking like a star, without spending hours tussling with your tresses. Our pik works perfectly for straight, curly, and natural hair.




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More Information
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Professional Hair Dryer Nozzle Comb Attachment