Fade Barber Brush with Natural Bristles

  • Highest quality fading and cleaning brush.
  • Ideal for removing excess hair from fades, tools, and blades.
  • Durable longer 100% natural bristles for deeper cleaning.
  • Clean with disinfectant spray and dries quickly.
  • Perfect wider size for comfort and performance




Feel the difference when holding this paddle brush in your hand…solid, just the right weight, not too light or heavy, and made for right or left-handed people. Wide square design, natural bristles. Ideal for all hair types, smoothing, styling waves.


It helps massage and stimulate the scalp removing dead skin cells, increases blood circulation delaying hair loss, and is simply relaxing to take long, slow strokes on the head.


Water resistant 100% natural bristles gently glide through the hair wiping away tangles, dirt, and debris as it smooths hair.


A convenient hole is placed on the bottom edge of the handle so you can pass through a 1/16th -inch string or chain at any length to assist in storage or easy access when hanging in your styling station or bathroom. The small size is also great for travel fitting easily into your toiletry bag, makeup carrying case, purse, or even your pocket.




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More Information
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Fade Barber Brush with Natural Bristles