Set of 2 Cutters (1 Red Crunchy & 1 Black Forged) for the Uno Shaver

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• 2 REPLACEMENT CUTTER BLADES for the Gamma+ Uno Shaver
• SUPERIOR STAINLESS STEEL ultra-thin cutters for increased power
• SUPER CLOSE CUTTING for the smoothest shave
• REPLACING YOUR BLADE gives you a better, closer shave
• PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN free of razor burns, ingrown hairs and skin irritation
• FOR BEST PERFORMANCE clean regularly when used daily
• INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO REPLACE see packaging or in content below
• INCLUDES: 2 replacement cutters (1 forged, 1 crunchy)




This set of 2 replacement cutters from GAMMA+ are compatible with the Wireless UNO Shaver only. One cutter is forged (black) and the other is “crunchy” (red) for your preference. The “crunchy” cutter is more audible when you cut hair, while both perform with excellence. While only 1 cutter fits in the machine at a time, the forged blade provides more cutting power, and the crunchy blade is perfect for guided cutting. With these two blades at your disposal, it will be much easier for you to achieve a closer and more precise shave every time.


Made of high-quality stainless steel with ultra-thin blades for maximum cutting performance and close shave of beard or head. Replacing your blades gives you a better, closer shave with less nicks and cuts to the skin. Easy to clean and disinfect. For best operation, clean your blades regularly or daily depending on usage by rinsing with warm water and slightly brushing with a small soft bristle brush to remove debris.


Aside from general facial hair removal, our foil shavers are also great for precision shaving the head and neck areas. You can use it for trimming sideburns and mustaches and for creating straight, clean lines. And because it's wireless, you'll have no trouble maneuvering it and getting the necessary angles to achieve your desired style.


Engineered & Designed in Italy




Set of 2 Cutters (1 Red Crunchy & 1 Black Forged) for the Uno Shaver