X-Ergo Hair Clipper Thumb Piece Clear

  • Easy replacement: The X-Ergo or Ergo Model Clippers offer a hassle-free solution for replacing or customizing the look of your clipper. With a simple snap-on design, you can easily replace the body lid in no time, giving your clipper a fresh and new appearance.
  • Smoky window design: allowing you to showcase the motor inside. This not only adds a sleek and professional touch to your clipper but also provides a convenient view of the motor during use.
  • Durable plastic construction: the thumb piece is built to withstand the rigors of professional use. It offers long-lasting durability, ensuring that your clipper remains protected and looking its best.
  • Personalize your clipper: you have the freedom to switch up the look of your clipper and give it a custom appearance.
INCLUDES: 1 thumb piece




Now you can replace or personalize your X-Ergo or Ergo model clippers by replacing the body lid in a snap. Smoky clear thumb piece so you can view and showcase the motor. Made of durable plastic and easy to install, you can replace your lid to look new again or switch up the look of your clipper giving you that custom look of the pro’s.


Instructions on How to Replace the Cover:
1. Unhook the upper cover of the device by unscrewing the four screws behind the unit.
2. Make sure that all the screws are removed.
3. Gently remove the top cover without using tools.
4. Make sure that all the components are in place. Pay attention to the charging pin which can be easily moved from its correct position.
5. Assemble new cover by carefully hooking the supports of the charging pin.
6. Assemble the new cover.
7. Tighten the screws on the back of the housing.
8. Before using the appliance, check that it is working properly.


Engineered & Designed in Italy




X-Ergo Hair Clipper Thumb Piece Clear